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Speed, Quality, Profitability, Scale

Trust Studio Shed to deliver precision-engineered, high-quality residential and commercial structures tailored to the unique needs of your real estate project. Experience our customizable, repeatable, and efficient process for producing, shipping, and installing units at scale.

Property in St. Croix
Property in St. Croix

Studio Shed Timeline

15 Years of Innovation and Growth

Timeline of Studio Shed Growth

Rendering of a commercial project: School

St. Croix Rental Property

Builders & Developers

Reimagine Real Estate Development with Studio Shed: Scalable, Streamlined, and Standardized Solutions for Diverse Property Ventures

From our humble beginnings with smaller, smarter structures, Studio Shed’s hybrid pre-fab panel system has supported a wide range of build and development opportunities. Our system delivers a smarter, faster, and more profitable solution versus traditional build methods. From schools, parks and rec, to single family home construction and larger developments, our partners realize higher margins with our build kit solutions.

Start projects faster.
Leverage our proven process to scale and enhance your residential portfolio.
Build with confidence.
Benefit from a standardized yet customizable design for seamless integration with any project.
Deliver on time.
Enjoy peace of mind with our consistent delivery and installation process.
Product screenshot

TEA Outdoor Academy – 3600 SQFT school completed in 2020

Rendering Artist:

Product screenshot

Commercial Housing Project

Residential Investors

Increase profit per square foot

ADU’s are the fastest growing housing solution in the country. Increase your profit per square foot on your properties by adding up to 3 extra bedrooms with our ADU’s. Since 2008, Studio Shed has been the national leader in the ADU space and can fulfill your project faster than any company out there. Adding ADU’s to your portfolio can serve as: long term rentals, vacation rentals, aging in place, home offices, and affordable living. Contact our team to inquire about institutional volume pricing.

Modern design

Create unique, efficient, and sustainable living spaces that set your development apart.

Pre-engineered models

Rely on our streamlined process to expedite the development timeline.

Over 3,000 projects completed

Benefit from our support throughout the execution process, from design to installation.

Rendering of a commercial project: School

Urban Infill - 28 units / 54 bedrooms

Rendering of a commercial project: School

Resort Community / Glamping

Our Process

Our precision-engineered, high-quality residential and commercial structures are tailored to the unique needs of your real estate project.

Driven by technology, our process bridges the gap between pre-construction, engineering, trades, sourcing, permitting, transport, installation and finishing.

With 15 years of experience designing and fulfilling factory-built solutions our projects have weathered the test of time in all 50 states and beyond.

Property in St. Croix

"Studio Shed is an exceptional extension to my team, offering tailored support and made our lives far easier , from initial project feasibility, planning, timing, sourcing, and through assembly and completion. And of course, profit."

Headwaters Development

Commercial Solutions

Ease, speed, smart

Studio Shed has served a wide range of commercial / facilities needs including: parks and rec, hospitality, restaurant groups, entertainment and sport events. Unique solutions for Copper Mountain, Intuit, West Hotels, Google, Whole Foods, Denver Health, (and more), to name a few, have found our product to be nimble, high quality, value oriented, and fast. Let us help make your facilities managers lives easier with our simple, beautiful commercial solutions.

Flexible building possibilities

Ideal for remote locations, offering comfortable, high-quality living and working spaces for your workforce.

an image about Studio Shed's commercial building program

Engineered for various needs

Tailored solutions for diverse sectors, including government, hospitality, and research.

An image of Studio Shed buildings

National delivery and assembly network

Experience our reliable delivery and installation process, regardless of scale or location.

Studio Shed product image
Residential Studio Shed project

1,800 square foot property - Sonoma

Referral Partners

Enhance Your Client Offerings with Studio Shed

Join our referral network to enrich your service portfolio and provide value-added solutions to your clients.

Architects, Landscape and Facilities Design Firms

  • Offer your clients more with our customizable, high-quality dwelling solutions.
  • Benefit from our comprehensive support, from design consultation to installation.

General Contractors and Land Developers

  • Join a network of professionals dedicated to excellence and innovation in real estate development.
  • Deliver a turnkey solution to your clients with our expert design, permitting and assembly services.

Premium Craftsmanship and Nationwide Shipping

Built in Colorado, Delivered Nationwide

Experience the excellence of Studio Shed's premium materials and engineering coupled with seamless nationwide delivery.

an image about Studio Shed's commercial building program
Studio Shed product image

Our team is here to ensure a smooth and successful project execution.

  • Property Development Team: Expertise in creating micro communities and designing buildings for various business uses.
  • Account Managers: Personalized guidance and support from our experienced account managers.
  • Project Managers: Timely execution and efficient coordination overseen by dedicated project managers.
  • Architectural Designers: Customized Studio Shed solutions that meet design preferences and comply with local building codes.
  • Delivery Coordinators: Our detail-oriented delivery coordinators ensure that your Studio Sheds are shipped to the desired location promptly and safely.
  • Pro Assembly Team: Our skilled installers bring your Studio Shed vision to life on-site, ensuring precise installation and adherence to quality standards.

Let’s talk about your project

Ready to transform your real estate vision into reality? Speak to a Studio Shed advisor today and discover the future of scalable, standardized, and streamlined property development.

Studio Shed 3D design center app

Make Your Escape

Design Your Studio Shed

One shed does not fit all. Our innovative prefab solution is a flat-packed, panelized kits of parts with hundreds of customizations in the Design Center. There are millions of combinations of sizes, door and window placements, and colors. All thoughtfully designed to work together.